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Amy Bischof

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My story of being here is that I have a big heart for America and specifically for the younger generation of America. My whole life I have been a part of YWAM as a YWAM kid. I did my DTS in Brisbane, Australia and during that time I met a woman from NJ who is the owner of a performing arts studio. She invited me to come and to be an intern at her studio and also connect with YWAM Converge in NJ. So I did :) I am learning so much from being here. My passion is to reach people, young and old, through performing arts and specifically through dance. I love to see how people worship God through the arts. Dancing is for me a way to connect with people to bring JOY and Light where there is no light or JOY. 

So, now I am completing the staff-in-training internship with YWAM Converge at the Dynamic Center of Fine Arts (DCFA) in Seaville, NJ. My project is to develop internships for the arts. After I complete this project, I will be helping to oversee YWAM Converge interns at DCFA.

YWAM does not pay its interns or staff. All YWAM interns and staff meet their financial needs by partnering with friends and churches who support their ministry.