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Club Package

Picking up any part of the Club Package not only offer you a chance to help support Unexpected Productions, but offers you some amazing discounts on products and services.

Items Include:
UP IMPROV Mask. Once the Market Theater opens, wear it to a performance and receive special discounts.
Customized T-Shirt with your Face to be pulled over a seat at the Market Theater. Your face may be televised to the audience watching a live streamed production! Once ordered we will contact you about where to send your face pic. Club Card Season's Pass. This allows you and a friend to see unlimited shows at the Market Theater. It will have a pandemic-inspired expiration date, expiring 15 months after the official opening date.
Improv in a Box - Personal Event addition. Our professional performers will deliver a personalized mini-performance at a distance to your curbside, driveway, or yard for a birthday, anniversary, or any special event you may have.
Get any of these items separately or bundle them up and save.
Season Pass Package includes 1 mask, 1 T-Shirt on a Seat, and 1 Club Card Season Pass ($75 savings)
Season Pass Events Package includes 1 mask, 1 T-Shirt on a Seat, and 1 Club Card Season Pass, and 1 Improv-in-a-Box (Save $125)
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