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2019 Summer Fun Club

The weekly fees now include Pizza Days, Tasty Tuesday and all Field Trips! The early bird fee of $110 per week which will expire on Tuesday, April 30th. The regular fee after 4/30 will be $135 per week. Before and after care is available for an extra fee of $25 for before and $25 for after per week (Before 7am-8am & After 5pm-6pm). Full summer before 4/30 is $800 and $1,080 after.  
   Recent Activity
Marc Wheaton donated $100 on 5/24/2019
Weiss donated $1328.37 on 5/22/2019
Michael C Cicarella donated $250 on 5/21/2019
by Anonymous donated $928.93 on 5/15/2019
Heather B donated $768.12 on 5/8/2019
by Anonymous donated $944.49 on 5/1/2019
Kaya Grimes- summer camp sessions 5,6 & 8 donated $330 on 4/30/2019
Korinna F donated $330 on 4/30/2019
Korinna F donated $330 on 4/30/2019
Heather L Westbrook donated $800 on 4/30/2019
Rachel Golebiewski donated $440 on 4/28/2019
Camp for 2 weeks for Genna Golebiewski and camp for2 weeks for Gunner Golebiewski
Emily S donated $275 on 4/22/2019
Whoops! Wrong amount went through on the last amount sent- This is for the P.M Care for the summer & Membership fee for the up coming year.
Emily S donated $770 on 4/22/2019
Paying for 7 weeks of summer camp- skipping session2- P.M Care, and the $100 membership fee. Thank you!