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Monica Bobadilla
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Hi, my name is Monica Bobadilla, I am currently a student working at the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Prior to working in this amazing organization I did not have the minimum idea of what Turner Syndrome really was. As common as this condition is, affecting 1 in 2000 females, not many people are aware of it. Working in this foundation has taught me how critical it is for people to be aware of it and the importance of having an early diagnosis. 
Throughout my journey, I have had the opportunity to learn about the many stories of the patients living with Turner Syndrome.. Everyday people reach out to us in some way or another either by desperately seeking for medical help or just to simply have someone to talk to about their feelings and their experiences with such syndrome. 
Our goal is to provide as much resources for these women as well as to educate others in the very best way possible regarding everything related to this condition. Many patients go untreated and that affects them in a very negative way; the earlier the diagnosis the greater the chances for a better life quality. We want to increase awareness of Turner Syndrome; it is not so uncommon, the words about Turner Syndrome need to be spread out! 
Your contribution will make a great impact to these women's lives. Thank you in advance for your time and your willingness to contribute to this cause!