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Jasmine Persaud
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Our daughter Jasmine  9 at the time was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome in April 2014, one year ago.  When the doctor told us this news, first we had no clue what Turner Syndrome was and as we read up and did our research, we were in disbelief.  This was such an overwhelming emotional process, doctors, blood work, specialist and explaining to our daughter what this meant. We had to tell her she will be injected with growth hormone shots every day.  Jasmine was very brave and accepting of her condition.  She told the doctor, " I want to grow and if you are telling me this will help, I will do it".  We looked at our daughter and honestly, she is my inspiration, she some how gave me some of her strength to accept this.  Jasmine is smart, has a big heart and always has a bright smile on her face, willingness to help others and has an "old soul", very warm and positive little lady.  This cause is very important to my husband and I, along with our relatives and close friends will support Jasmine 110 percent. Thank you