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Brooke Schmidtke
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Welcome to My Story page!

This is my time and this is my story!  Help me to spread the word about TS and if you like, support our mission by making an online donation to support my efforts.  Thank you.

My name is Brooke Schmidtke. I am a 20 year old who grew up in a little village called Rosendale in Wisconsin. I’m going to school for Certified Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy. Right now, I’m working as a CNA in a nursing home to help the elderly! I love taking care of others. It warms my heart to see the appreciation when you help them out. Little things to us are big to them! In my free time I like to read, hang out with friends, and travel!

My family and I first found out about Turner Syndrome when I was diagnosed at five years old. We had no idea how to handle it, or what it meant for me. But one thing for sure about this disorder is that I wouldn’t change it for the world! I had to be given Growth Hormone Injections from the age of five until I was 12 years old. But my battle with Turner’s didn’t stop there! I also found out that I was hard of hearing at the age of five, so I have to wear hearing aids my whole life.

Hearing aids was just one part of Turners that I got. I also develop a high palate, short stature, low hairline, and lastly my nails have a slight indent to them in the middle. These are just the few physical appearances that have happened to me. But, around the age of 15, I was given some tests and I found out that I had an enlarged aortic valve, so I couldn’t play any contact sports. I loved playing basketball and volleyball, so it was difficult to decide to stop playing. My health was not in the best place, so I knew that something had to be done. I admit, around this time I was in a bad place. I was just a sophomore in high school and wasn’t so comfortable with myself yet, and the heart issue just made things worse for me. But I started making difference choices. I made friends with girls that were more intrigued than scared with my TS. They love hearing my stories about growing up, and they most of all love my personality over everything.

So I found friends that have my back. They love me for who I am. It’s impossible to have other people accept you if you cannot accept yourself. So I learned to love my hearing aids. I learned to love being short. I learned to just accept who I am because overall TS has made me a better person. It’s taught me to accept others the way they are and to not judge someone right away, because we each have a story to tell. So this is mine! I don’t consider TS a problem, it’s a gift and I hope I get the chance to show others that as well. 
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Turner's Syndrome is more than just how we define ourselves. TS is how we overcome our obstacles in life because it helps us grow strong through friendship and family. We need that support knowing there are people behind us 100%! Show ladies with TS how much they can overcome anything with a little support!
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