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T'ruah Protest Placards

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T'ruah Protest Placards Now Available
Rabbi Isaac ben Moses Arama, a 16th century Spanish commentator, wrote: “When an entire group, or society commonly commits a transgression…it is absolutely essential to mount a public protest, even if no one [in power] listens, but at least one does not allow a mitzvah of the Torah to be totally disregarded….”

We know that protests must send a clear message about what laws and values are being violated. When we carry signs, sing songs or shout slogans we let the world know what values bring us into the streets. That is why we are thrilled to begin selling custom made T'ruah protest placards. They come in packs of seven, each with a different, powerful message, rooted in Jewish values, about why we stand up publically for human rights in these perilous times. 

Each pack costs $36, and supporters are welcome to order more than one. Below are images of each of the seven placards contained within each pack. At a time when standing up publically for the vulnerable among us is more important than ever, we hope you will support T'ruah by carrying our message far and wide.