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The Other Side of the Sea (Haggadah)

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"Open the gates for us, at this hour of locking-up, for the day is ending" (Yom Kippur liturgy, Ne'ilah)

Kids in cages. Communities under threat of deportation. Refugees turned away. Muslims banned. Senseless hatred carried out by government agencies. Humanitarian crises manufactured. People dehumanized. Racism and xenophobia behind it all.

This High Holiday season, rally your congregation to tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi that it's time to move on from the slogan of "comprehensive immigration reform" and instead stand up for the rights of migrants and immigrants in tangible ways, right now.

Featuring a list of specific request on the back and a photo of Jews standing up for what they believe in on the front, these postcards come preaddressed to Speaker Pelosi and can be distributed at services, signed, and mailed with ease to Washington.

Postcards come in packs of 500 and must be ordered by September 20th to arrive in time for Rosh Hashana / by September 27th to arrive in time for Yom Kippur. Terms & Conditions: Rosh Hashana begins on the evening of September 29th this year, and Yom Kippur begins on October 8th. In order for your order to arrive by Rosh Hashana, you will need to place your order no later than Friday, September 20th. In order for it to arrive by Yom Kippur, you will need to place it no later than Friday, September 27th.