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#GivingTuesday with Tiba 2020

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The ongoing pandemic has been devastating to rural areas of Kenya. Many have lost their primary source of income and are experiencing prolonged hunger, weakened immune systems and stress, even though the number of COVID cases has been minimal so far.  Matibabu’s hospital and community health workers have labored tirelessly to relieve the suffering.

We really need your help to maintain a strong readiness for potential future outbreaks, and to keep our communities informed, healthy, and supported as we endure the pandemic together. 

Thanks to the support of committed partners like you, the professional frontline staff of Matibabu Hospital have helped contain the local rate of COVID infection, and have provided vital resources to community members suffering from severe health and economic hardship.

Since March, Matibabu’s community health workers have provided life-saving education, handwashing campaigns and food support for the elderly and disabled. At the same time, the hospital has implemented critical training to protect against COVID infections. Matibabu, the area’s main source of quality healthcare, works hard to keep this community healthy and is piloting new approaches in telemedicine to address long term challenges. 

Unfortunately, though, as in the US, many people have avoided coming to the hospital for fear of contracting COVID.  For this reason, Matibabu now faces unprecedented financial challenges, because its economic sustainability depends on small fees and insurance reimbursements from hospital visits. With patient visits down over 30%, our colleagues need our support now more than ever to persevere through the crisis and emerge with new ideas, partnerships and technical advances.

Thank you for caring for the people of rural Kenya. Please consider a gift to Tiba at the highest level possible. Gifts made before December 31, 2020 will be matched up to a total of $75,000!


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