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During your time as a student at The Seattle School you have shaped this community - who we are and who we will become. The same will be true as you graduate into the growing membership of our alumni. The Seattle School remains deeply committed to joining and partnering with each of you as you venture forth to do the work you are called to do in this world. In so many ways, you and your impact on the communities you love and serve are the fulfillment of our mission. To support you and your impact in the world we need your partnership and your participation. Your financial contributions - of any amount, given on a recurring basis - make the difference in our efforts as we continue to pursue regional & CACREP accreditation, relationships with denominations, and foundation & grant funding.

For these organizations, one of the primary indicators of The Seattle School’s credibility, the effectiveness of our mission, and its impact in the field is how many alumni give financially to the school on a recurring basis. It is not the amount our alumni give that is significant, rather, the number of our alumni committed to giving monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

As the newest members of our alumni, please join us that we might continue to partner together to shape this world.