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It's turtle season! We are currently right in the middle of the highest activity/nesting time for turtles in Central Ontario, which is incidentally a region home to a third of Ontario's turtle population. Turtles are currently in a state of crisis due to the number of turtle roadkill as well as injured turtles that were reported in Central Ontario last year. Turtles need to live a long time because it takes 30 to 80 years of laying eggs for a turtle to replace itself with an offspring- every turtle killed on the road is a serious threat to overall population levels. I am participating in the turtle walk this year in Peterborough to help raise money and awareness for this issue. Pledges help support turtle tunnel and trauma campaigns; 50% for prevention (to plan and install turtle tunnels which allow turtles to cross under roads safely) and 50% for cure (to support turtle trauma care in Canada's only turtle hospital). Thank you in advance for your donation, the turtles appreciate it!