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Please help me raise money to help the Turtles live safely in their natural habitat. This $ will go towards helping to build tunnels for them to safely cross the roads & for the Turtle trauma Center to help injured turtles recover. Thank you so much for your help! :)
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Everyone has a turtle story!

Turtles take between 30 and 80 years to replace themselves. Turtle populations have declined globally by more than 50%. Each turtle lost is a threat to the survival of populations. One of the largest threats in North America is from death or injury caused by road traffic.

The Land Between region in Ontario (stretching from the Georgian Bay Coast to Ottawa) has more than 1/3 of Ontario's turtles. It is a land of hope! 

Help save turtles for future generations 

Support our T5 Campaign

970 potential turtle tunnels sites have been identified in The Land Between region that need to be researched and installed. The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre is the only turtle veteranary hosptial in Ontario and has treated more than 700 turtles in 2017 alone. Your donation helps us implement both prevention and cure to effectively save these special creatures for next generations.