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The Land Between

The Last Frontier in Conservation: This is the last wilderness in southern Ontario. This landscape has more shorelines, rock barrens, stars, skinks, turtles, snakes....than anywhere in Ontario. It has ecosystem services that will support all of Ontario during Climate Change. The Land Between is also the name the national non-government grassroots charity that works to research, conserve and ehnance all of the region's natural, cutlural and socio-economic amenities. 
Engaging kids and people in Citizen Science to conserve turtles.
Turtle Guardians is a collaborative shared program lead by The Land Between charity (the region being home to 1/3 of Ontario's turtles), in partnership with Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre, Scales Nature Park, Ontario Nature, the Toronto Zoo, EcoKare International, Curve Lake First Nation Cultural Centre, and the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. 

The Land Between bioregion is what ecologists call an "ecotone": a regon that sits between two uniform landscapse. The Land Between is found between the Canadian Shield and the St. Lawrence Lowlands. It extends from the Georgian Bay Coast to the Ottawa Valley. As an ecotone The Land Between has species from both northern Ontario and southern Ontario, and therefore has some of the highest biodiversity in the province. It also has the highest habitat diversity, the most shorelines, and the only rock barrends in Ontario. These features make the region attractive to certain species specifically, such as the Five Lined Skink (Ontario's only lizard): the region is home to 97% of these creatures. Also the region is home to 1/3 of Ontario's turtles and 1/4 of Ontario's snakes. Other rare birds, fishes, and insects are also found here. 
The Land Between is a grassroots non-government charity that works wil over 40 local partnrs to deliver projects. We embrace a community-collaborative model through our partnerships and we work across sectors to research, conserve, and enhance each and all of the region's ecological, cultural  and socio-economic features. The organization honours local and Traditonal Ecological Knowledge and the direct experience of landowners/constituents. We are inclusive. The Land Between operates in a Traditional and open Talking Circle and makes decisions by consensus. In fact, The Land Between is the first organization in Canada to honour the Original Treaties, where our Council (Board of Directors) is half First Nation and half neo-settlers.