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The Hunger Coalition Year End Appeal

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Amount raised: $15,345

Amount left: $4,655

In a small community, we are uniquely connected to each other. The trouble in being closely connected is inevitably, you know someone who is hurting. Roughly 1 in 3 Blaine County locals have a hard time putting good food on the table. These are people you see every day who serve you coffee, cut your hair, teach your kids, even keep you safe from fires who quietly struggle to feed their families. 

With your help, this can change. The beauty of a small town is that your gift of good food can completely transform the lives of those who touch your own life every day. 

Your gifts make our community ties stronger and ensure everyone in Blaine County has a seat at the table. 

Generous donors have offered to match any gift up to $20,000 to double your impact and feed twice as many people this season.

Your gift of $50 becomes $100 to help local school teacher Estella feed her family so she can keep the heat on in her home this winter.

Your gift of $100 becomes $200 to help firefighter Ryan feed his two young daughters for a month.

Your gift of $250 becomes $500 to give Wood River student Peter an invaluable learning experience as a Bloom Youth Project intern.

Please reach out to help your neighbor this season.
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by Anonymous donated $500 on 12/8/2017
Christina Tindle donated $200 on 12/8/2017
Keep up the great work feeding our community and inspiring our youth!
by Anonymous donated $475 on 12/6/2017
by Anonymous donated $1100 on 12/6/2017
by Anonymous donated $920 on 12/4/2017
by Anonymous donated $350 on 12/1/2017
Lisa & Dave donated $100 on 12/1/2017
by Anonymous donated $175 on 11/30/2017
by Anonymous donated $1155 on 11/30/2017
Susan Shoch donated $100 on 11/29/2017
Holly D donated $50 on 11/28/2017
Thank you for your worthy humanitarian work.
Lynea Petty donated $100 on 11/28/2017
Rachel E Shinn donated $50 on 11/28/2017
Thanks to the matching donors for making my dollar stretch further to support this important organization for the community in Blaine County
Elise B donated $250 on 11/28/2017