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The Hunger Coalition Summer Fundraiser

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The Hunger Coalition Summer Fundraiser is an opportunity to raise over $25,000 for our neighbors in need! With a $25,000 matching donation, your gift will go twice as far and impact twice as many lives. 

Your gifts to The Hunger Coalition will grow programs designed to empower our neighbors. At Bloom Community Farm The Hope Garden, local families are volunteering for veggies, discovering a proud way to feed their children. Bloom Youth Project interns have overcome adversity and with greater confidence and experience, are now giving back to our community.

Your gift is transformative. Good food helps relieve worry and stress to make room for joy. Joy is in the dirt, in each plant, and every family who can fill their plates with fresh, healthy food. 


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Kristin McMahon donated $35 on 7/12/2017
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