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Sloan Storey BMT Race- Fuel a Good Food Hero

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About the Race
The Boulder Mountain Tour is a 32 km marathon race with over 800 competitors. BMT is an entirely volunteer organization with support from more than 350 local Wood River Valley individuals and businesses. Together, they work to bring this one-of-a-kind race to our beautiful mountain terrain. Learn more here:


   About The Hunger Coalition

The Hunger Coalition builds a healthy community through access to good food and addresses the root causes of food insecurity in collaboration with key partners.

 We envision a community where everyone has access to good           food regardless of economic circumstances, where human              connections grow, and all are empowered to speak up and be heard. 

In Blaine County it's especially hard to afford good food. Not only are we home to the 8th highest food costs and the 9th greatest wealth inequality in the nation, Idaho has the 2nd lowest wages in the country. Sadly, this means 1 in 3 local families struggle to eat well. More than half of the individuals we serve are children. Please consider making a donation to sponsor me on my adventure and provide hundreds of healthy meals for our neighbors. 

To learn more about how The Hunger Coalition is fueling the good food movement in Blaine County, click here:

The Power of Good Food

$14 will fuel me almost half way AND feeds one person for a day

$32 will fuel me 32 km through the finish line AND feeds a family of three for a day. 

$98 will fuel me through the race AND feed one person for a week. 

$224 will fuel me twice as fast and feeds a family of three for a week! 

Here are some pictures of my time working with The Hunger Coalition this past summer. I made over 4,000 sack lunches for kids through Bloom Truck (a children's food truck and bookmobile) and gleaned over 6,300 pounds of fruit from local trees!!                                     

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Be swift!
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🙏 for good conditions and weather
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Thank you, Sloan!
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Well done Sloan!
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Good Luck!
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I hope you make it more than a mile