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by Anonymous donated $25 on 1/20/2019
Naomi/Abbey- Keep up the good work! Attached $25 donation is for a Giving Kitchen baseball cap! Thanks-Nick O
Naomi Verde donated $16 on 1/18/2019
Great job GK team!!!
Chase B. donated $100 on 1/17/2019
by Anonymous donated $16 on 1/17/2019
Maura donated $25 on 1/15/2019
In memory of my son Devin. He would have turned 26 on Jan 16. Giving Kitchen was a blessing during the loss of Devin Haynes in May 2018.
Nick Hassiotis donated $475 on 1/14/2019
TGK has always been an amazing organization for our community, we wanted to be able to give back with our F&B Friendsgiving. Thank you TGK!
George and Jen donated $100 on 1/12/2019
Thanks so much for all the great work you do!
Greg and jaime donated $200 on 1/12/2019
On behalf of the Kirkland’s
Ross Brandt donated $50 on 1/10/2019
Our Dart Team the Marlay House Hooligans would like to donate our 2018 third place purse to TGK.
by Anonymous donated $200 on 1/9/2019
by Anonymous donated $400 on 1/6/2019
ASW Distillery donated $1000 on 1/4/2019
Matt Albert donated $100 on 1/3/2019
Kathryn L Patrick donated $2500 on 12/31/2018
Thank you for all the great work you do. We live in Rome, GA, and appreciate support you offer to our great locals.
Aimee and Nick Franz donated $1000 on 12/31/2018
Rene Miller Mittenzwei donated $50 on 12/31/2018
Robert Wallace donated $100 on 12/31/2018
The Nook on Piedmont Park donated $500 on 12/31/2018