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Rapid Response Fund

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The global COVID-19 outbreak is rapidly evolving and expanding. The virus has put additional strain on our community, but low income families are disproportionately affected. With schools and community organizations shut down, fewer infants and toddlers are getting the help they desperately need. 

These families need your support now to keep their babies safe and healthy. 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, The DiaperBank of Connecticut has launched the RAPID RESPONSE FUND to provide additional diapers to state agencies and community partners so they can maintain a sufficient supply of diapers and prevent shortages.  

With your support we can buy more diapers and get them to the families and organizations who need them most.

CLICK the DONATE button to support our RAPID RESPONSE FUND.

We appreciate your support.
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Yury Maciel-Andrews donated $5 on 3/31/2020
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