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Save Baby SHIO the Fox

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Do you believe that EVERY animal deserves a happy, healthy life?

Here are The Bunny Hutch & Climates Exotic Animal Rescue, we want to give every animal that chance.

Shio the fox needs your help.

Baby Shio (which means "Salt" in Japanese) was purchased at a pet expo by an owner not prepared to give him a good home. Living in a cage that was way too small and unnecessarily muzzled, Shio's mental and physical health were at risk.

Our hearts shattered.

How could we sit by and do nothing?

We could not let Shio's life continue to deteriorate. So, we stepped up to the plate to give him the care he really deserves.

All of us volunteers here at The Bunny Hutch save as many animals as we can every year. Caring for exotics is not easy. The critters we save are the first to be euthanized at other shelters, because of the high cost of care and their specialized health needs.

We do our very best. Always.

But let's be very clear about why this page exists and why we are telling you about Shio. We need you.

In fact, we can't do this without you.

Rescuing this baby fox has put a large dent in our shelter's budget. We are turning to you for help, so we can care for Shio and also continue to rescue the other animals who so desparately need us.

It is CRUCIAL that Shio is neutered as soon as possible in order for him to stay happy in his environment. He needs care from a special vet experienced in exotic animals, which stretches our budget to the limit.

He will also need regular care over the next year to ensure that his physical health has not been compromised by his previous living conditions or by his breeders, which we know little about.

If we all contribute a little, it adds up to a lot.

We need you. Shio needs you. The other exotic animals we rescue need you.

Today, we humbly ask that you contribute just a few dollars to cover the cost of his care, and the care of the other animals here at The Bunny Hutch.

Can we count on you?

Every dollar we raise goes directly to animal care such as vet bills, food, enclosures, toys and enrichment items, training, and grooming supplies. If we exceed our goal, we will use the excess to pay for Shio's continued care at our facility.

We are a 501(c)(3). Donations are tax-deductable in the U.S. in most situations.


UPDATE #1: We hit our initial goal of raising $1000 to neuter Shio and provide the immediate care he needs! YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME! As a result, we are sending EVERYONE who donates $20 or more during the month of August a free limited edition Shio keychain! We are now fundraising to provide continual care for Shio and his animal friends during the fall. If we hit our next goal of $2500 by September 15, we will draw a donor's name at random to win a free painting by Shio!

UPDATE #2: Thank you for everyone who helped us raise the money to neuter Shio! He has now recovered from his neutering and loves meeting visitors at The Bunny Hutch. We are now raising money for Shio's continued care, including food, toys, annnual vaccinations, upgrades to his indoor and outdoor runs, and everything else he needs to be a happy, healthy animal ambassador.
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extra snuggles!
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Can’t wait to meet Shio!!
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Can't wait to meet Shio! :)
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JR told me to!
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What a cutie. I just fell in love with him. Hugs and kisses Shio!!
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