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Kenneth A Davis donated $200 on 6/19/2019
by Anonymous donated $25 on 6/19/2019
by Anonymous donated $20 on 6/17/2019
I remain anonymous so that I can continue to fight the Zionists who by the way are not really working for the good of common Jewish people.
Ben donated $540 on 6/14/2019
Here u go .... may Yahweh bless u in your service of Him
T. Colledge donated $200 on 6/14/2019
William B Colohan donated $10 on 6/13/2019
Censorship is never the answer. Only tyrants use it. I have subscribed to your BitChute channel. Keep us posted. Thanks for your content!
Theodore Conrath donated $50 on 6/13/2019
by Anonymous donated $10 on 6/12/2019
by Anonymous donated $179 on 6/12/2019
arthur l donated $100 on 6/11/2019
Floki_ donated $10 on 6/8/2019
I listen NOT watch your videos typically.. Thanks to you and red ice and others for regaining my self respect and replace my self loathing.
THOMAS W. ADAMS donated $10 on 6/7/2019
Be patient the next, and maybe final, Exodus, is now in the "wings"; stay focused, you will see their fear rising.
Frederick B donated $20 on 6/7/2019
H Choi donated $10 on 6/7/2019
Harold B donated $50 on 6/7/2019
JIM DIBENEDETTO donated $250 on 6/6/2019
sorry they banned you from you tube Brother Nathanael. But you will go on. I am sending a big F.... You donation because of you being banned
Bamalama donated $25 on 6/6/2019
Roland Ehrlinger donated $100 on 6/6/2019
Eileen Kuch donated $10 on 6/5/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 6/3/2019
ARMIN R donated $25 on 6/2/2019
Anwar Y donated $400 on 6/2/2019
Lillian Chong donated $50 on 6/1/2019