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Going Virtual with Team Read
As students and their families continue to grapple with academic interruption from the coronavirus, programs like Team Read that empower young people, engage whole communities, and center around youth, are the way forward.  We are proud to continue providing one:one tutoring support for young readers and meaningful (remote) jobs for local teens this school year. Since school buildings closed last spring, we've served more than 450 students and 225 teen reading coaches online.*

With an increasing number of students needing support outside the classroom, the demand for tutors is growing. With your help, we will continue to adapt and serve even more 2nd-4th grade students in Seattle, Highline, and beyond. Your gift could provide:

  • $1,000 = one year of programming for a Powerful Pair (coach and reader) 
  • $500 = one year of training and development for a reading coach
  • $100 = fun reading incentives for student readers at a tutoring site 
  • $25 = Team Read t-shirt and a new book for each student

If you would prefer to send a check or make a gift through your donor advised fund, please mail payment to:

Team Read
PO Box 94042
Seattle, WA 98124

*Most coaches have two student readers, working with one student per tutoring session at 4 and 5 pm twice a week

Join us in a celebration of our powerful tutoring pairs at our first-ever virtual FUNdraising event on Thursday, March 4 at 4 pm!  We’ll review the triumphs (and challenges) of online tutoring, with stories from student readers, teen coaches, parents, and educators. Learn how one-on-one support has helped Team Read students academically and emotionally during the pandemic.  Learn more.
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Team Read is one of the most effective ways to help young children learn to read and enjoy the process.
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