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2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Fundraising global stats: 46% left

Amount raised: $10,808

Amount left: $9,192

Support Team Taller de José as they take to the streets of Chicago for the 2019 Bank of America Chicaog Marathon in support of the mission of Accompaniment. Pick a runner to support and donate on their page, or contact our office about sending a check to support any of our runners (773-523-8320, Mitchell

If you are interested in joining Team Taller de José get in touch with Mitchell for more information about opportunities to run for the mission of Accompaniment ( 
   Recent Activity
Jim & Eileen Westervelt donated $100 on 10/15/2019
Katie D donated $26.2 on 10/15/2019
Carl donated $50 on 10/15/2019
by Anonymous donated $10 on 10/14/2019
Matt W. donated $26.2 on 10/14/2019
Dude, that is impressive. Reportable time or not. Cheers!
Sumi donated $26.2 on 10/13/2019
Congrats on your first marathon of many!
Lubina Perez donated $50 on 10/13/2019
Good luck Rosalba!
KJ donated $26.2 on 10/13/2019
Chris M donated $100 on 10/13/2019
Christie Bruner donated $26.2 on 10/12/2019
Gracie, you are amazing! Keep shining your light bright for all to see!
by Anonymous donated $26.2 on 10/12/2019
Tom & Libia donated $50 on 10/12/2019
Go Ryan! Worthy cause!
Dalia and Bob donated $26.2 on 10/12/2019
Thanks for running in support of such a great organization!
Peggy Soeldner donated $100 on 10/12/2019
You go girls!!
by Anonymous donated $100 on 10/12/2019
Thank you, Mom!! Love you!!
Claire Sloss donated $26.2 on 10/12/2019
Go, Ryan!!
Sarah Johnson donated $26.2 on 10/12/2019
Go Team TdJ! Sending hugs from St. Louis! <3
Lori G donated $262 on 10/11/2019
Grace Holland donated $26.2 on 10/11/2019
Good luck Leslie!!
Marisol donated $50 on 10/11/2019
Way to go Leslie!!!
Claire donated $26.2 on 10/11/2019
Good luck, Leslie! Enjoy your race!
Claire donated $26.2 on 10/11/2019
Good luck, Tim! Enjoy your race!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/11/2019
Thank you for supporting accompaniment.
James G donated $262 on 10/11/2019
Kathy Mayer donated $150 on 10/11/2019
I’m proud to support my nieces in their selfless endeavors.