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Taller de Jose

Taller de José is a community resource center that offers the service of accompaniment to people in need.  We connect people to services and services to people.  As a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Taller de Jose exists so that all may be one. 

Taller De Jose is an agency that offers companionship and personal attention to people who have difficulty finding their way in a complex social system. Rather than duplicate existing services, we seek to collaborate with other agencies to make social services more accessible to a population in need. Each staff member, compenera/o, is trained to listen to clients to assess the services they need and then accompany them in the process of finding those resources.

Taller de José seeks to give our clients the tools they need to overcome obstacles when seeking assistance. We offer the following services free of charge:
• Referrals to other services
• Offsite accompaniment via public transportation
• A safe space without judgment
• Emotional support
• Advocacy