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Charles Surendorf II Art Foundation

The month of May gave the Surendorf Foundation an excitement about art and the use of art in Education for expression. We were able to attend many schools this past school year and bring in themes that cause the students to give a reaction. This year was hard for the students, please ready why in the following:
The theme for the Student Art Show was "how do you feel about guns in your school?"

Just the mention of this theme cause emotional reaction. The fresh reactions to the High School shootings that happened in Florida and the anniversary of Columbine created new fears in our student’s hearts, let alone the fact that it is becoming a "norm" to talk about the shooting in school as they are now happening at a rate that is intolerable. The good news is that the art classes funded by the Foundation allow students to think about positive propaganda and to create healing art rather than constant sadness. The general opinion was that students have a right to go to safe schools. There was a different opinion in minds about having security with guns, teachers with guns, or staff members with guns. Here is an example of a positive use of wording the student did.

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