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Bonnie Yeeshan Lee donated $100 on 6/17/2021
Dr Sharon Stills donated $100 on 6/13/2021
The closest feeling I had to being back in the monastery in India. A beautiful, peaceful, magical, healing place amplified by the RED rocks
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo donated $100 on 6/11/2021
Bonnie Yeeshan Lee donated $100 on 6/11/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 6/7/2021
Bobbi and Sage Jenson donated $100 on 6/5/2021
We love you, Zac!
Linda F donated $100 on 6/4/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/31/2021
Annie G. donated $100 on 5/31/2021
benjamin O donated $250 on 5/27/2021
Lauren Nicole Matz donated $100 on 5/25/2021
THERESA RAMIREZ donated $400 on 5/24/2021
Regina McFadden donated $100 on 5/24/2021
The path to peace starts with the first step, take the first step!
KJW donated $250 on 5/23/2021
Adrienne K donated $100 on 5/21/2021
Rory Varrato donated $100 on 5/19/2021
Alexys Pentecost donated $250 on 5/18/2021
For my best friend, the love of my life, my dog Frank. Gone too soon.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/17/2021
Cassie donated $250 on 5/14/2021
JUDY AOTAKI donated $100 on 5/14/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/9/2021
Thank you for the continued commitment to peace on earth for all living beings.
Rhonda Wirkes donated $100 on 5/9/2021
Christina Rondeau donated $100 on 5/5/2021
Teri Angel donated $400 on 5/4/2021
We declare that there is peace on earth and we declare that peace begins inside of us. The Peas For Peace #peaceonearthtour
Juanita M Ventura donated $100 on 5/2/2021
In Memory of my mother who respected Buddhism