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Support the Talking Rock Nature Preserve! 

The Talking Rock Nature Preserve provides a vast scenic view that “speaks” to all that take time out to stop, observe, and listen. Your heart, mind, and soul will become captivated as you sit among the rocks and scan the pristine landscape allowing your senses to absorb all that abounds.

The Preserve includes 220 acres of natural beauty that provide a glimpse into a multitude of ecosystems, opportunities for environmental education, as well as a diverse mix of passive recreational experiences open to the public.

The land that would become the Talking Rock Nature Preserve was originally donated to the Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land (STPAL) in late 2012. Desiring to preserve the natural land while providing outdoor experiences for the general public, STPAL entered into its "Park Planning and Designing Phase." A Master Vision Plan was created and amenities are be implemented over time as community support allows.

The Plan calls for some opportunities found nowhere else in Pickens County.
Talking Rock Site Plan Includes:
12 miles of hiking, biking multi-use Trails
Picnic Tables
Platforms for chairs and sunshades
Areas for Hammocks
Horseshoe Pits
Toddler Play Area
Native Flowering Plants
Walking-Only Trails
Adventure Course with Obstacles
Disc Course
Interpretive Signage
Environmental Education
Wildlife Habitat Projects (i.e. Butterfly Houses, Bee Hotels, Native Plant Gardens, Pollinator Gardens)
And More...
Preserve/Park Latest Update
The forested preserve provides opportunities to improve unnaturally dense or diverse forest and flora.  This preserve has historically been used for timber production. In 2014, a selective tree harvest was completed to improve the health of the forest and create more diverse habitat areas.

The first 8+ miles of trails are nearly complete. Funds raised so far will allow us to finish the last of the trails and build out the remainder of the park's infrastructure.

The first wave Geocaching was recently launched complete with 4 caches currently and additional 2 to be unveiled soon.

Several Eagle Scout Projects are currently underway with many Eagle Project opportunities still available. 
If you are considering your project and community impact, please reach out to us at

How Can I Help?
The Friends of Talking Rock community group has now been formed. As a nonprofit, volunteers and community support are crucial to the progression of the park. Friends may help during volunteer workdays, raise funding to support park elements, or most importantly, provide input into desired park elements. You can do so on the Friends of Talking Rock Facebook or through our email at

Your engagement will help Talking Rock to become a best-kept secret in the greater Pickens Community!

Large donations to help provide a specific element for the Preserve allows opportunities for naming and more. Information is available by contacting STPAL at
Location/Directions to the Talking Rock Nature Preserve
The Talking Rock Property (the “Property”) is located adjacent to Old Whitestone Road East and is bisected by Carns Mill Road. From Atlanta, travel north on Highway 575 and continue on 515 (Zell Miller Parkway). Turn left onto Carnes Mill Road and travel 0.7 miles to the southern property boundary. The Property borders both sides of Carnes Mill Road for an additional 0.5 miles up the road.
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Keep up the good work!
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Let's Finish the Park!
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Disk Golf would be great!
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Save green spaces !!!
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We feel that this area is a great asset for Pickens County. The area has been well-done and has great potential for further development.
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Thanks for your work with the bees
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The planet needs more space preserved from development for all the other species we share it with.
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I love our local park. Please help us finish the incredible work at TRNP.
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Celebrating my imminent return to live in beautiful Talking Rock by becoming a Friend of Talking Rock Nature Preserve.
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Pickens native thrilled at the potential for this project! Would make for a beautiful disc golf course!
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I've been out to ride the trails about 5 times now. Happy to help with the project!
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