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Your donation plays an important role in helping the Spruill Center continue to provide residents of metro Atlanta with the highest quality arts education programming. Gifts can be restricted to a particular department or designated to support arts programming and other expenses. Every dollar makes a difference, so please consider a fully tax-deductible gift to the Spruill Center today!
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Melanie B donated $25 on 7/11/2019
by Anonymous donated $250 on 5/13/2019
The Binns Family donated $2000 on 12/17/2018
Tell your story through art!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 11/27/2018
Jan Kapoor donated $50 on 11/27/2018
Teresa C donated $1000 on 11/13/2018
Teresa Claugus donated $1000 on 11/13/2018
The Bruce Family donated $100 on 5/27/2018
Marie Willsey donated $50 on 5/25/2018
by Anonymous donated $240 on 5/21/2018
Edith & Jim Redmond donated $50 on 5/18/2018
Julia C Singleton, Steve Chapman and Gray C Hayes donated $100 on 5/18/2018
From the children of Bob "Sea Captain" Chapman
BTG Southeast Region donated $250 on 5/17/2018
Carol Ann & Lloyd Thomas donated $50 on 5/16/2018
Nancy and Rob Ortner donated $250 on 5/16/2018
Corbet S donated $10 on 3/13/2018
Tom Kubis donated $100 on 1/11/2018
Mary Mahon donated $50 on 12/31/2017
I appreciate my time learning photography from Ann Clancy and now drawing classes so that I can illustrate my own children's picture books.
by Anonymous donated $25 on 12/30/2017
by Anonymous donated $500 on 12/30/2017
The Binns Family donated $2000 on 12/30/2017
Seema Shrikhande donated $75 on 12/28/2017
I treasure the time I spend in the pottery studio most Saturdays. It is something I look forward to all week,
Linda Wood donated $50 on 12/27/2017
Lauren H. Zeldin donated $2000 on 12/27/2017
by Anonymous donated $100 on 12/27/2017