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Ilene S donated $26.56 on 7/27/2021
In honor of 2 lovely Muslim women I met on a cruise
Andrea Ritchin donated $156.88 on 7/26/2021
Nadia Nasim donated $1 on 7/2/2021
by Anonymous donated $1 on 7/2/2021
Moon S donated $156.88 on 7/1/2021
Thank you for making a statement against injustice.
Paul Silverman donated $52.63 on 6/21/2021
In memory of Nadia Qazi who worked for peace and left the world too soon.
Maxine Skurka donated $104.75 on 6/16/2021
How positively hatefull and dis,gusting. and against all the rules of a sane society.
Carla Feinkind donated $156.88 on 6/16/2021
Rita Shapiro donated $52.63 on 6/10/2021
Rosemary P donated $1043 on 6/2/2021
Leah A donated $38.03 on 5/31/2021
hank you for recognizing that antiSemitism in the US is a reminder that unless unchecked, can lead to more violent acts against all groups.
Sharon Ritz donated $78.69 on 5/30/2021
Paul M donated $78.69 on 5/28/2021
Jose Pedro Silva donated $10 on 5/27/2021
If we really want world peace, let the women govern and lead all countries.
by Anonymous donated $10.93 on 5/26/2021
by Anonymous donated $156.88 on 5/26/2021
Seth Girsky donated $521.75 on 5/24/2021
Irene Etkin Goldman donated $72 on 5/24/2021
Dear Sheryl ! Salaam, Shalom, Peace and Four times Chai ! With heartful admiration for your commitment to peace everywhere for everyone..
janet kaufman donated $78.69 on 5/23/2021