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Sintonía presents Tattooed

Sintonía presents Tattooed, an experimental flamenco dance performance about survivors’ strength and resilience. Tattooed premieres October 3-5, 2019 at the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco, California. For more information and to purchase tickets, go to


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Molly Rogers donated $50 on 9/13/2019
by Anonymous donated $200 on 8/26/2019
Sara Z donated $100 on 8/26/2019
by Anonymous donated $5500 on 8/20/2019
Heartcore Company donated $5000 on 8/6/2019
David Charnack and Andrea LaCanela donated $100 on 7/29/2019
Our heartfelt gratitude to 2 of the most passionate and talented artists that are expressing important truths in their dance.
Pilar donated $50 on 7/5/2019
Best wishes for your new project!!
Matthew Janes donated $100 on 6/9/2019
Yuriko Hong donated $200 on 6/8/2019
For Sintonia dance and all the artist and supporters who involved in TATTOOED.Your voice will reach out to women with history of abuse.
by Anonymous donated $50 on 6/8/2019
Wonderful performance! Will be there in October.
Gregorio S donated $50 on 6/8/2019
Can’t wait to see the show!
Hal M donated $500 on 6/8/2019
Lisa H donated $100 on 6/8/2019
Gooooo Sintonía
Gia M donated $100 on 6/8/2019
Love you guys!!!!! Olé
Melissa H donated $250 on 6/8/2019
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Yuriko Hong donated $100 on 6/6/2019
Congratulations on your new company and really looking forward to seeing your performance in October!
Marina S donated $50 on 6/4/2019
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Debra DuPree Sanders donated $100 on 6/4/2019
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