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SOMARTS End of FY20 Campaign

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Amount raised: $3,424

Amount left: $41,576

Since the ‘shelter in place’ ordinance and the collective effort to #flattenthecurve, the Bay Area arts sector has been deeply impacted with a projected a loss of $47.8 million in earned income and $25.5 million in contributed income. We made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone our art party fundraiser to prioritize the safety of our collective community, however, this has led to a shortfall in our annual budget. With LUSH: A Solarpunk Happening art party fundraiser, we were hoping to use the crucial funds raised to maintain operations and provide organizational support for our list of awe inspiring collaborators. 

Given these unprecedented circumstances, we are turning to you to help overcome the shortfall of this postponement. Consider making a tax-deductible donation to Please Stand By, our End of Fiscal Year donation campaign!