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2020_Skate Journeys Skate-a-Thon

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Amount raised: $3,098

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Welcome to our 2020 Skate-a-Thon!
Welcome to Skate Journeys’ new way to spend time together! Join us for our first Skate-a-Thon. Skate, walk, or bike our Skate-a-Thon and invite your friends and family to go the distance for their fitness and our Skate School. Skate when and where it works for you to do so. You may join family members and/or friends and still maintain a social distance.

This special fundraising event will get you out and active, and will bring in your friends and family for a great social (but at a distance) event. Create your own fundraising page, obtain sponsors, and get out and skate!

When: July 15 through August 16, 2020
Where: Anywhere you can skate. Walkers & bicyclists welcome!

How it works:
  • Become a fundraiser, start your personal page, set your goal, and send your link to family and friends. Have them sponsor you through a donation to your page.
  • Pick a distance, pick a duration, or pick a skill. You choose how far you will go, or choose how many hours you will skate, or you can choose to learn a new skill. Walkers and bicyclists can choose either distance or hours.
  • If you prefer, sponsor someone else in their quest via their personal page link or by finding them in our fundraisers section at the bottom right of our campaign home page (simply click on their name/picture.
  • You may donate directly by clicking on the "Donate" button once you are on a fundraiser’s personal page.
  • Fundraise by getting pledges
How to become a fundraiser:
  • Click on the green "become a fundraiser" button
  • Fill in your name and email. 
  • Verify your page by clicking on the link in the email that Click & Pledge sends to you and enter the verification code.  This code must be activated via the link within 3 hours
  • Bookmark  the login for your personal fundraiser page.  This is your access to your personal page for 30 days
  • Click on “global profile” to upload a picture and share a personal message to potential sponsors.  Add a personal message
  • Set your goal
  • Share with potential sponsors. This can be done via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, or texting. Simply click on any of the pre-set boxes provided for you. (Please note that you must be signed into Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest as well in order to share)
  • Click HERE for assistance in uploading your personal photo to your personal fundraiser page

Exciting Note about Matching of Donations:

All donations for our Skate-a-Thon will be matched by a charitable foundation -- every one of them! 

Furthermore, if a donor's employer matches their donation, the amount quadruples! Here's how:

A donation of $100 is matched by XYZ Company to make it $200
 The charitable organization then matches that $200 to reach a total donation of $400.

Thank you for supporting Skate Journeys during this challenging time!

Reach out to if you need assistance setting up your page. Reach out to Trish if you have questions about the fundraiser 

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Taylor Connors donated $187.2 on 8/26/2020
Susan Schwartz donated $37.44 on 8/16/2020
Marlo&Amber donated $52 on 8/16/2020
Always cheering for you!!!
by Anonymous donated $31.2 on 8/12/2020
J donated $208 on 8/7/2020
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Susan Schwartz donated $26 on 8/1/2020
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PicassoFam donated $52 on 7/31/2020
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Jesse Nelson donated $52 on 7/27/2020
Kensk8man donated $20.8 on 5/31/2020
Trish you are an inspiration ❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Toma donated $31.2 on 5/19/2020
Suzie M donated $31.2 on 5/18/2020
An excellent cause!
Skate Lover donated $208 on 5/15/2020
Skate Journeys is the best!
Jackie Toma donated $31.2 on 5/15/2020
Alcinda Pearlman donated $20.8 on 5/15/2020
'til the wheels fall off...Let's Roll!'