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"The Shoes That Fit" Liggett Challenge

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With every $25 donation a pair of shoes will be bought for a local child in need. The Liggett Peer Tutoring Program has paired up with Student Council in order to raise enough money to provide at least 200 pairs of shoes for students in the Metro Detroit Area.  Once the money is raised we will be directly connected with a local Metro Detroit based school where students will be individually fitted, and these shoes will be bought and hand delivered to each of them. Especially during these trying times families are struggling to simply make ends meet.  Please consider donating even the smallest amount, EVERY dollar counts!



Shoes That Fit is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.

For more information about Shoes That Fit visit: 

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