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Anthony Dodini 2021

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Join Anthony Dodini, Lace Em Up, Flex Financial Trading Group, and nonprofit Shoes That Fit to provide brand new athletic shoes and socks to kids in need at Harborside Elementary School!

The simple gift of new shoes can increase a child’s school attendance, help them interact more positively with their teachers and peers, and participate in sports and physical activities. Most of all, new shoes boost a child’s self-esteem, and let them know that they are valued by their community.

Every dollar donated through this page will go towards our goal of $5,000 to provide shoes and socks to students in need at Harborside Elementary School in Chula Vista, California, just in time for the new 2021-2022 school year.

YOU can help kids continue to learn, play, and thrive by donating and sharing this campaign!


Shoes That Fit is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.

For more information about Shoes That Fit visit: 

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Julio Gomez donated $103 on 8/17/2021
Amazing work Dodini!
Oly donated $25.75 on 7/30/2021
The Harada Family donated $100 on 7/30/2021
Gabe donated $15.45 on 7/30/2021
Nick donated $103 on 7/30/2021
Letssss goooooo! Happy birthday brother! Herb loves the kids!!
by Anonymous donated $51.5 on 7/30/2021
Big Kat doing GREAT THINGS!
Kevin Keil donated $10 on 7/30/2021
Albert Aguirre donated $103 on 7/30/2021
Frederick Anderson donated $51.5 on 7/11/2021
What a cool cause, happy to be a part of it
Tucka McDucka donated $51.5 on 7/10/2021
For the kids donated $103 on 7/10/2021
Pal donated $25.75 on 6/19/2021
John V. donated $103 on 6/19/2021
Good luck, stay hydrated, and stay safe out there!
by Anonymous donated $103 on 6/18/2021
Oscar Castillo donated $25 on 6/17/2021
Glad to help my brother!
Drew donated $10.3 on 6/17/2021
Jeff donated $10 on 6/17/2021
Viet donated $1 on 6/16/2021
by Anonymous donated $103 on 6/3/2021
Pee Mateo donated $25.75 on 5/2/2021
Derek donated $75 on 5/1/2021
Jaime and Darcy Sanchez donated $257.5 on 5/1/2021
Good luck and God bless.
Ralfy donated $25.75 on 4/13/2021
Smyly donated $103 on 3/21/2021
Breanna B donated $51.5 on 3/21/2021