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Arizona Worm Farm 2021

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We need your help! As part of our continued commitment to our South Phoenix neighborhood, Arizona Worm Farm will once again partner with to provide a new pair of name brand athletic shoes for every child at Ignacio Conchos School. This is an economically challenged school in a difficult neighborhood - and I believe a new pair of shoes for every kid can start to make a small difference. You can help us reach our new goal by donating the money to buy one or two (or ten!) pairs of new shoes for a deserving child.


Shoes That Fit is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play and thrive.

For more information about Shoes That Fit visit: 

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Brilliant Riot donated $30.9 on 8/31/2021
Laurie Raphaelson Ballantine donated $92.7 on 8/29/2021
Judith. N donated $123.6 on 8/28/2021
The WertLight Family donated $185.4 on 8/27/2021
Sheldon and Joy Smith donated $90 on 8/19/2021
Judy and Allan Shriber donated $90 on 8/19/2021
Always happy to support Shoes That Fit that brings great joy to so many kids! Thank you, Nancy and Zack for making this a reality.
Eileen Bloom and Marvin Siegel donated $123.6 on 8/17/2021
Liane Locy donated $92.7 on 8/16/2021
Mackenzie Ben myles donated $500 on 8/16/2021
robert zeman donated $92.7 on 8/15/2021
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Glenda Ross donated $77.25 on 8/15/2021
Marla and Jon Medwin donated $61.8 on 8/14/2021
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Brad Beller donated $103 on 8/12/2021
J. Schultz donated $61.8 on 8/12/2021
Glad to contribute to our community
by Anonymous donated $155 on 8/11/2021
Angela Judd donated $103 on 8/11/2021
Thanks for all you do!
Reliable Glass donated $123.6 on 8/9/2021
Michelle Cross, REALTOR Walt Danley Realty donated $300 on 8/8/2021
Jo-Beth Ben Yehuda donated $100 on 8/8/2021
Keep up the good work, Zach and Nancy!
scott s donated $92.7 on 8/8/2021
Debbie Stovall donated $30.9 on 8/7/2021
McCully Construction donated $300 on 8/7/2021