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Sole Fit - Weil Foot and Ankle

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Our goal is to educate children in our community about the importance of podiatric health and provide new, fitting shoes and socks to children in need.

Shoes That Fit is a 501(c)3 non-profit, whose mission is to tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty in America by giving children in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy, prepared to learn, play, and thrive.

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   Recent Activity
Meghan Kreager donated $35 on 11/27/2021
by Anonymous donated $72.1 on 11/26/2021
Cassie Sanchez donated $35 on 11/24/2021
Great cause to come together as a team for! Go Dr. G and go Weil F&A!!
Dr. Andrew Pavlatos donated $100 on 11/22/2021
"The charity of Christ urges us on." Saint Vincent DePaul
Gramma Katerina Pavlatos donated $51.5 on 11/21/2021
Katerina I am so proud of you. Thank you for helping the children in need. There was a time in my life that I received shoes from Red Cross
Tony, Hope and Gregory donated $51.5 on 11/21/2021
Katerina we are so proud of your continued support to help children in need. We love you do much.
Jimmy, Kari and Jonny donated $36.05 on 11/21/2021
by Anonymous donated $206 on 11/21/2021
by Anonymous donated $25.75 on 11/19/2021
Michael DeVito donated $50 on 11/18/2021
Bryn Laubacher donated $36.05 on 11/18/2021
Northstate Foot and Ankle Specialists donated $100 on 11/17/2021
Kudos on starting something that is making a difference. #everymovementmatters
Dr. Adam Klein donated $36.05 on 11/17/2021
Drs Lowell and Wendy Weil donated $7.21 on 11/17/2021
We are very proud to support this effort during these trying times. The cause is near and dear to our heart because of our profession.
Adam Fleischer donated $216.3 on 11/17/2021
Dr. Jeffrey Baker and Dr. Jessica Knight donated $144.2 on 11/17/2021
Rj Lindsey donated $103 on 11/16/2021
Happy to help !!!
Dr Halinski donated $72.1 on 11/16/2021
Shannon donated $36.05 on 11/16/2021
Denise Harshbarger donated $108.15 on 11/16/2021
Jessica S donated $35 on 11/16/2021
Sheri Jett donated $36.05 on 11/16/2021
Katerina Grigoropoulos, DPM donated $300 on 9/24/2021
As the founder of Sole Fit, it is an honor to make the first donation to our new Weil Foot and Ankle chapter! Please help us reach our goal!