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Rich Reinheimer Jr donated $130.35 on 1/15/2019
Marianne Sasse donated $100 on 1/2/2019
Patricia L Robertson,Ph.D. donated $50 on 12/26/2018
Mark Elias donated $36.75 on 12/24/2018
Stephanie Goldstein donated $104.35 on 12/17/2018
Leah Bauer donated $10 on 12/14/2018
Merry Christmas on behalf of Michelle Veronica
Beth Bell donated $26.35 on 11/11/2018
Bernadette and John Dunn and Family donated $104.35 on 11/11/2018
Recognizing all our Veterans on this Veterans Day - thank you
Patricia J donated $100 on 11/7/2018
Robert Sanger and Family donated $104.35 on 11/4/2018
by Anonymous donated $104.35 on 11/1/2018
Kevin B donated $52.35 on 10/30/2018
by Anonymous donated $1040.35 on 10/30/2018
Janet- I am honored to be in a position to help you and your cause. I wish you nothing but the best as the future continues to unfold.
by Anonymous donated $104.35 on 10/30/2018
Tony, Liam, Eric, Tom, Franchising & Development donated $500 on 10/11/2018
In honor and memory of Patricia A. Reese (Porsia)
Beth and Dan Judge donated $78.35 on 10/9/2018
by Anonymous donated $104.35 on 10/9/2018
The Fedorczyk Family donated $104.35 on 10/8/2018
Joseph Pezza donated $500 on 10/8/2018
In memory of a wonderful person who left us way before her time. May God have as much fun with her as all of her friends did.
by Anonymous donated $104.35 on 10/8/2018