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Dr. Michael Chiglinsky Scholarship/Endowment

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Lindsey Rupp donated $100 on 9/26/2021
We love you so much, Katherine. The Chiglinsky legacy is clearly love and strength. Our thoughts are with you all.
Carl, Lynn, and David Rayher donated $200 on 9/22/2021
We extend our deepest sympathies to the Chiglinsky family. Joanne and Mike enriched the lives of many and we are honored to have known them.
Sean C donated $250 on 9/21/2021
Gilani Family donated $100 on 9/21/2021
Aaron Gilani donated $100 on 9/21/2021
Thinking of you all immensely during this time ❤️
CRITZER Family donated $200 on 9/20/2021
What a gift to have known both of them & the Chiglinsky family. 💕 Forwarding their kindness back to the community & the love of the kids.
Brandon S donated $110 on 9/20/2021
Cheryl & DJ Jessee donated $100 on 9/19/2021
Caitlin Kawa donated $100 on 9/19/2021
Teal Pennebaker donated $300 on 9/19/2021
LC donated $200 on 9/18/2021
Averi P donated $50 on 9/17/2021
Timothy Earley&Caroline Smith donated $40 on 9/17/2021
May you find comfort in God.
Jim and Jan Laws donated $500 on 9/17/2021
Tommy & Jean Denton donated $200 on 9/17/2021
In gratitude and love for all that Joanne and Mike are and their legacy of compassion and care that continues in Brian, Katherine and Peter.
Heather and Jerry Ferguson donated $100 on 9/17/2021
Amanda Crawford donated $100 on 9/16/2021
In memory of two beautiful people who helped a community in more ways than they will ever know. Their love and light will forever be missed.
Alex Washburn donated $40 on 9/16/2021
Johnny and Suzanne Rowland donated $50 on 9/15/2021
Special memories of Joanne and Mike will forever warm our hearts. Much love to Brian, Katherine and Peter. God is love.
Paola B. donated $50 on 9/15/2021
Chris and Carly Heisler donated $50 on 9/15/2021
Clark and Debby Wade donated $100 on 9/15/2021
Jen Laws donated $250 on 9/15/2021
We love and miss you Joanne. Forever in our hearts 💕
Chris Nemacheck donated $100 on 9/15/2021
Teresa M Auldridge donated $20 on 9/14/2021
My heart goes out to you and your family. Thank you for turning your sorrow into the gift of education for others.