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Ken Honeywell Continuing Education Fund

The Ken Honeywell Continuing Education Fund was created to honor and further the legacy of Ken Honeywell, a long-time volunteer and relentless supporter of Second Helpings. Ken is also the founder of Tonic Ball, Second Helpings’ biggest annual fundraiser. The fund was started by people who admire Ken’s mission to support the organization while helping provide everyone in Indianapolis with nutritious, healthy meals—especially those who are most vulnerable.
Ken loves to cook. He’s also a big believer in the power of education. That’s why the Ken Honeywell Continuing Education Fund will exclusively support Second Helpings’ culinary training program, which helps underserved people in our community get the skills they need to thrive in the culinary industry.
This type of fund is the first of its kind for Second Helpings and will provide expanded continuing education opportunities for graduates of the Culinary Job Training program, like subsidizing advanced kitchen skills courses, providing scholarships for culinary classes at Ivy Tech, and allocating capital to help secure internships in the service industry throughout Indianapolis.
   Recent Activity
Becky Wilmes donated $250 on 11/18/2021
Katz, Sapper & Miller donated $1000 on 11/15/2021
Ramona Baker donated $50 on 10/29/2021
In honor of Ken!
Harry Todd donated $500 on 10/28/2021
Tina Connor donated $100 on 10/28/2021
Mindy & Jim Ross donated $100 on 10/20/2021
Cathy Kightlinger donated $50 on 10/20/2021
Mary Catharine Grau donated $50 on 10/20/2021
Thank you for all you do and who you are, Ken.
Joseph Ball & Meg Liffick donated $100 on 10/20/2021
Pete & Sarah Welsh donated $500 on 10/20/2021
Happy to celebrate one of our favorite humans!
Ben Shine and Kirsten Eamon-Shine donated $500 on 10/20/2021
Love you, Ken! Thanks for showing us how it's done.
Earshot Audiopost donated $500 on 10/19/2021
Nora donated $200 on 10/19/2021
Thanks for introducing me to Second Helpings...and a whole bunch of great people and music!
Molly Kruger donated $100 on 10/18/2021
Woohoo Ken Honeywell!
Marti Steussy donated $100 on 10/18/2021
Ken, the world's a better place with you in it!
Joe Heth donated $500 on 10/18/2021
Andy Newell donated $50 on 10/18/2021
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/18/2021
He’s a world changer, proud to support!
Audie Gilmer donated $100 on 10/18/2021
Matt + Amy donated $100 on 10/17/2021
Mindy & David Ford donated $500 on 10/15/2021
Ken Haupt donated $100 on 10/15/2021
Proud to support Ken and the Continuing Education Fund.
Jeff Renbarger donated $50 on 10/15/2021
Happy to help Second Helpings in Ken’s honor.
by Anonymous donated $25 on 10/15/2021
What a lovely way to honor sweet Ken!! Love this!