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SAY Sí 2019 Senior Thesis Exhibition

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On Friday, July 5th, SAY Sí’s graduating class will present their senior thesis exhibition, FRUITION, an introspective showcase examining their journey as artistic youth in San Antonio as they prepare to express and expand their talents across different communities. For their final project, SAY Sí seniors have been given the freedom to determine their entire exhibition process. From conceptualizing the theme to promoting and fundraising, these teens execute every aspect of exhibition logistics under the guidance of their artist-educators and administrative mentors. Please help bring FRUITION to life by a making a donation to help raise $1,000 to support the costs of the exhibition and opening reception.
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Rosemary L donated $60 on 7/10/2019
Adam G donated $10 on 7/8/2019
Quality E donated $140 on 7/5/2019
this is going for Sophia Hernandez and her senior thesis
Richard D donated $50 on 7/5/2019
Christina R donated $21.12 on 7/3/2019
Hope your final show is a hit!
Mary G donated $52.25 on 7/2/2019
Very proud of you Maya.
Jacob F donated $10.74 on 7/2/2019
Richard/Caesar D donated $104.12 on 7/2/2019
supporting our Senior Maya Diaz
Paul H donated $41.87 on 6/28/2019
Jose P donated $73 on 6/28/2019
Matthew M donated $21.12 on 6/27/2019
Anything to support my amazingly talented friend!
Diane C donated $50 on 6/27/2019
Michael R donated $2 on 6/27/2019
Anahi G donated $10 on 6/27/2019
Sharon L donated $50 on 6/22/2019
Thanks for your contribution, Say Si, to San Antonio's youth.
Allyssa R donated $21.12 on 6/20/2019
You will go far and beyond with your talents. I love you sister!
Olga N donated $20 on 6/20/2019
Paula B donated $10.74 on 6/19/2019
Congrats Annette!!
Melissa T donated $10.74 on 6/19/2019
Congrats on your graduation from SaySi! ❤️
Martha M donated $10.74 on 6/18/2019
Senior project 🎓Polo Martínez-Milland
Xavier R donated $5.66 on 6/13/2019
Debra J donated $21.12 on 6/12/2019
This is for Lee Ortiz and Clarissa Longoria, who are both brilliant. It has been a joy for me to be their teacher.