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Save Our Shores

Save Our Shores is the oldest marine conservation nonprofit along the Central Coast of California. Over the last 35 years, we’ve cared for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through ocean awareness, advocacy and action. From preventing offshore oil drilling during the 1970s, to helping establish the Sanctuary in the early 1990s, we bring people together to build community programs and policies that protect and preserve the integrity of our Central Coast marine environment. Today, Save Our Shores three core initiatives are Plastic Pollution Prevention, Ocean Health Awareness and Clean Boating. Get involved at

The Save Our Shores community is working on a 2030 strategy to undertake comprehensive stewarship of our coastal resources that will model the Central Coast shoreline and water as the healthiest in the entire state. We hope you'll join us as we embark on this exciting new journey by dontating today!
   Recent Activity
Scott Davidson donated $50 on 5/14/2019
Joe Wolf donated $1250 on 5/14/2019
Intuit is excited to partner with Save our Shores for a beach cleanup in our spirit of "We Care and Give Back"!
Mary L donated $100 on 5/8/2019
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/7/2019
Envision831 donated $1000 on 5/3/2019
It was an absolute pleasure to support Save Our Shores at the inaugural Envision831 Spring Fest! We are looking forward to future events!
Mary Camille Thomas donated $25 on 4/27/2019
Claudia Amling donated $20 on 4/22/2019
Liz Haffa donated $20 on 4/17/2019
Thanks for speaking to Sisters Share!
JOHN SWARTLEY donated $50 on 4/17/2019
Robbert V donated $50 on 4/10/2019
Linda Larkin donated $100 on 4/9/2019
Ron Goodman donated $250 on 4/7/2019
Gary A. Patton donated $50 on 3/25/2019
Dan Haifley donated $250 on 3/25/2019
Scott & Christy Tall donated $50 on 3/23/2019
In celebration of Nando's 50th Birthday!
ANN G WRIGHT donated $25 on 3/22/2019
by Anonymous donated $32.43 on 3/17/2019
Astone Vaden Family donated $100 on 3/13/2019
Richard W donated $250 on 3/9/2019
Bernie S donated $100 on 3/1/2019
Thank you to Emily Pomeroy for a wonderful 2-day presentation on Marine Debris to the College Preparatory School Surfing Intraterm group!