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Save Our Shores

Save Our Shores is the oldest marine conservation nonprofit along the Central Coast of California. Over the last 35 years, we’ve cared for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary through ocean awareness, advocacy and action. From preventing offshore oil drilling during the 1970s, to helping establish the Sanctuary in the early 1990s, we bring people together to build community programs and policies that protect and preserve the integrity of our Central Coast marine environment. Today, Save Our Shores three core initiatives are Plastic Pollution Prevention, Ocean Health Awareness and Clean Boating. Get involved at

The Save Our Shores community is working on a 2030 strategy to undertake comprehensive stewarship of our coastal resources that will model the Central Coast shoreline and water as the healthiest in the entire state. We hope you'll join us as we embark on this exciting new journey by dontating today!
   Recent Activity
Denise Borgeson donated $25 on 2/12/2019
Theresa R donated $100 on 2/11/2019
William A donated $100 on 2/4/2019
Daniel Campbell donated $100 on 2/2/2019
WFT is this oil rig in Poole Bay. Absolute Bullshit!!!
Lois B donated $20 on 1/29/2019
Raylena donated $100 on 1/20/2019
Marlena and Ray, wishing the longest and happiest of lives together for you two. Love KP.
Gutierrez Family donated $100 on 1/20/2019
Donated on behalf of Raymond Mendoza and Marlena Luhr - Congratulations
Cali Paddler donated $500 on 1/14/2019
On behalf of Cali Paddler and our tribe, thank you for your continued efforts in protecting our coast, beaches, waterways, and wildlife! ~CP
Victoria Nichols donated $131 on 1/13/2019
Laura T donated $77 on 1/12/2019
Casey Tells donated $90 on 1/12/2019
Stacy O'Leary donated $21 on 1/12/2019
Susan Spiegel donated $50 on 1/11/2019
Lizi Barba donated $50 on 1/9/2019
by Anonymous donated $25 on 1/6/2019
David W donated $50 on 1/3/2019
Caitlin Johnston donated $100 on 1/1/2019
This is for all of my beach buddies - the "riders of the foam"!
Edward O Sanderson donated $100 on 1/1/2019
Heather M Marquard donated $25 on 1/1/2019
Katy R donated $15 on 1/1/2019
Sally Shepherd donated $1000 on 12/31/2018
William Head donated $100 on 12/31/2018
Eric Nielsen donated $100 on 12/31/2018