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Jim M donated $45 on 9/3/2019
sandra zwollo donated $75 on 9/3/2019
Such a wonderful celebration of everything America has stood for in the past.
by Anonymous donated $45 on 8/10/2019
Yolanda A CIllo donated $1000 on 8/8/2019
Richard Krantz donated $45 on 7/25/2019
Lois Miller donated $75 on 7/23/2019
I believe in the poem on the statue. I believe in what our soldiers fought for. Freedom. Not racism.
Carolann Clynes donated $75 on 7/10/2019
Think about your ancestors and how hard it was for them to leave their native countries. Ellis Island took them in - not that it was easy.
Carol D donated $45 on 7/10/2019
Barbara Marie Sims donated $45 on 7/9/2019
Paula J Matelli donated $175 on 7/9/2019
Please help keep Ellis Island an historic place to family came through here in the early 1900s!
by Anonymous donated $75 on 7/9/2019
Rob T donated $45 on 7/7/2019
Elsie Kondroski donated $45 on 7/6/2019
Marge Castle donated $75 on 7/5/2019
Susan K. Appel donated $50 on 7/4/2019
DelRio Family donated $1000 on 7/4/2019
Victoria Londin donated $45 on 7/4/2019
by Anonymous donated $45 on 7/4/2019
by Anonymous donated $75 on 7/4/2019
Beverly and Richard Tilghman donated $75 on 7/4/2019
Jeffrey Beller donated $45 on 7/4/2019
Kathy Sheeran donated $45 on 7/3/2019
Tommy D. Tomlin donated $45 on 7/3/2019
Am proud to be a part of the efforts to rebuild/restore Ellis Island. It is such an inspiring place to visit!