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One River

The Savannah River gives us so much: the water we use in our homes, the ability to operate businesses and farms for food, a place to create fun, family memories, and so much more.

From the coast to the swamps of the Lower Savannah, to the rocky shoals, the fun lakes, all the way to our mountain headwaters, we are One River.

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by Anonymous donated $50 on 11/14/2019
Steven K donated $100 on 11/13/2019
Sara Shaheen donated $50 on 11/12/2019
Bill & Marily Teeter donated $250 on 11/12/2019
Derek and Ilka Woodson donated $75 on 11/10/2019
Love the river, it is a natural resource for this area.
The Coble Family donated $100 on 11/1/2019
JEAN YARSAWICH donated $50 on 11/1/2019
Thomas JC Smyth donated $50 on 10/31/2019
Rick and Vicki Sasser donated $100 on 10/27/2019
Timothy Nelken donated $100 on 10/21/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/20/2019
Sheila M donated $50 on 10/18/2019
Deborah Myers donated $50 on 10/18/2019
Rebecca Lambert donated $100 on 10/17/2019
Thank you for your work in protecting our beautiful river and all of its creatures.
Shelton Family donated $250 on 10/17/2019
Kathy donated $50 on 10/16/2019
Mike Kaslik and Alison Lang donated $75 on 10/14/2019
Nilda Burke donated $50 on 10/12/2019
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!
Jeffery M donated $50 on 10/11/2019
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/11/2019
Doug & Alice Walker donated $250 on 10/11/2019
Larry Cole donated $75 on 10/8/2019
susan donated $75 on 10/8/2019