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Saint Rock Haiti Foundation - Travelers Fund

Volunteers who come to Haiti with the Saint Rock Haiti Foundation commit to raising funds for their trip to help operate the health care clinic in Saint Rock located southwest of Port au Prince in the rural hills of Carrefour. 
   Recent Activity
Reverend Richard R. Fernandez & Eloise Chevrier donated $519.12 on 4/23/2021
This gift is in honor of Beata and Rich Fernandez and is in support of your upcoming May fund raising event
Laurie A Meehan donated $26.29 on 11/8/2019
Denise Q donated $52.23 on 11/8/2019
Maura S donated $52.23 on 11/8/2019
Mary Beth donated $52.23 on 11/3/2019
Claire L donated $52.23 on 11/3/2019
What a beautiful day for this....and reason to run.
Karen Gregg donated $104.1 on 11/3/2019
Lisa Carr donated $52.23 on 11/3/2019
Best of luck today!
The McDonoughs donated $52.23 on 11/3/2019
Tricia C donated $104.1 on 11/3/2019
Cathy Walsh donated $27.68 on 11/2/2019
Mary, Enjoy this wonderful race as you run to honor Steve!’s memory! I will be thinking of you!
Paul and Barbara McLaughlin donated $104.1 on 10/31/2019
Cathy S donated $104.1 on 10/31/2019
Nice work Mary!
Kathy and Ed Ellison donated $52.23 on 10/30/2019
Good luck, Mary!
Mary K donated $104.1 on 10/30/2019
In memory of Steve- who is missed every day by so many!
Conor McLaughlin donated $26.29 on 10/30/2019
Go Mom go!
The Donahue Family donated $52.23 on 10/30/2019
Remembering Steve and thinking of his family.
Fran Launie donated $52.23 on 10/30/2019
Run Mary, run!
The Bresnahan Family donated $104.1 on 10/30/2019
Margaret and Jim Connor donated $104.1 on 10/29/2019
It is an honor to support you in honor of Steve. His legacy lives on ~ here and in Saint Rock.
Joan Faulkner donated $104.1 on 10/29/2019
Tracey and Steve Finch donated $52.23 on 10/29/2019
Have a safe run, Mary!
The Elliott Family donated $52.23 on 10/29/2019
Eileen B donated $52.23 on 10/29/2019
Sue Riley. donated $54.62 on 10/29/2019