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Kristen Price
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Hi there!!! I'm so glad you want to know more about me :)
I live in San Antonio with my brother cat, Austin and brother dog, Bruce. I enjoy going to the dog park, traveling (I’ve been to Austin, Dallas, and Houston), and going to my mom’s sand volleyball games to cheer her and her teammates on!

My mom adopted me from our local animal shelter. She wasn’t even there to look at doggies! She was looking for another kitty for my brother cat, Austin. But fate had other plans. And my mom brought me home to a loving family full of love and laughter <3 

Help me be that voice for all the kitties and doggies who need loving homes! Click to donate under my name!!!


       I do love me some puppychinos!

   My Spurs Cheerleader costume at Bark in the Park, GO SPURS GO!!!!

     My mommy and daddy at the Chiuhauha Races, arent they ssssooo cute?!?!