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Jerry Rosenthal
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I know that great organizations like the San Antonio Humane Society, I wouldn't have a family that loves me so much. My fun, loving and entertaining family has given me opportunities in life that a kid like me, from the streets, would never have experienced. I've gotten my B.A. from UT Austin with my big brother Justin and I am helping my brother Blake get his masters degree. My dearest sister Aubrey is following in my paw prints and is now the latest Longhorn in our family. My Daddy, Bobby Rosenthal made me get practical work experience and put me in charge of his campaign for the mayor of Alamo Heights. He won!!!! My Family has broadened my horizons and made sure I've been educated, socially conscious and most importantly kind (thanks mom). Yes, I will give you tons of puppykisses when you come to visit us. Please help me raise money for our San Antonio Humane Society so that other furry kids get the chance to be adopted and share the unconditional love that only an animal can give. 

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. --Mahatma Gandhi