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Ben's Trail 9 Eagle Scout Project

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For his Eagle Scout project,  Ben Wander will work with the Rock Creek Conservancy to help restore a key area of Rock Creek Park by removing invasive plant species and planting native shrubs. The site, designated as the Trail #9 Mini-Oasis, features a hilled, forested area of Rock Creek Park made up of secondary growth mature trees. In the heart of Rock Creek Park, this site has been home to extensive invasive plant removal work completed by the Rock Creek Conservancy and its Rock Creek Conservation Corps (RC3), but more remains to be done.  What was once a hillside taken over by invasive Winged Euonymus (Winged Burning Bush) is now a cleared understory. Over 1,500 bushes have been removed since 2016, and many native understory shrubs have been planted, there are still invasive plants to be removed and replaced. Scouts will spend the first day removing invasive plants and prepping the site for planting, and the second day planting native shrubs. Ben’s project will leverage efforts already begun at the site, and will contribute to the restoration goals of Rock Creek Park.