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The Road to Hope has many ongoing school support funds.  While building and infrastructure are very important, so are the continuing food and educational needs of the children.  We thank you for your support of these ongoing costs.

   Recent Activity
Nancy and Darla donated $50 on 6/1/2017
Jeffrey S donated $375 on 5/28/2017
by Anonymous donated $800 on 5/22/2017
Heidi Culbertson donated $60 on 5/13/2017
Braun | Schneck Family donated $60 on 5/13/2017
by Anonymous donated $60 on 5/13/2017
Bo F donated $60 on 5/13/2017
James R donated $60 on 5/12/2017
Lori Buxton donated $60 on 5/11/2017
Dana C donated $150 on 5/11/2017
by Anonymous donated $150 on 5/11/2017
Mary Hagen donated $60 on 5/11/2017
Mary Hagen donated $1 on 5/11/2017
Dr. Nancy donated $60 on 5/11/2017
I recently returned from my first trip to Haiti providing pediatric care. I fell in love with Haiti and the people. I will be returning.
Jodi Archbold donated $150 on 5/11/2017
David K donated $60 on 5/11/2017
Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius, PC donated $150 on 5/11/2017
Thank you to Rich and Lisa Harris and all the wonderful people who work hard for the people of Haiti
Janet donated $150 on 5/11/2017