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Connection 2020 Registration (Part 2/2)

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About Connection 2020

Reconciling Ministries Network (RMN) was formed in 1984 to establish a landscape of LGBTQ-affirming churches that would oppose discrimination in The United Methodist Church. Now with over 1,000 Reconciling Churches, Communities, and Campus Ministries, 40,000 Reconciling individuals, and bold new forms of Reconciling ministry taking shape around the world, that’s exactly what Reconciling United Methodists have done.

No matter what shape the United Methodist diaspora takes in the future, LGBTQ children of God will continue to be born and will continue to seek Christian community that affirms them. That’s why RMN will continue to do what it has done for 35 years: create, equip, and mobilize a movement of Methodists who will not wait for a General Conference to tell them how to be like Jesus, but will embrace and celebrate LGBTQ people today. 

Even as The UMC wrestles with its future, RMN’s mission remains unchanged. We are steadfast in our commitment to LGBTQ justice, not only where The UMC currently exists, but across the expanse of any future expressions of Methodism or denominations birthed out of the Wesleyan movement. Given that commitment, we invite you to join us in Nashville this February to bless one another’s liberative work and to accomplish the following:

  1. Gather General Conference delegates to strategize toward GC2020

  2. Mobilize Reconciling individuals who want to resist, reform, and build something new

  3. Resource and train Reconciling Churches and Communities to resist the Traditionalist Plan and affirm LGBTQ people in their local context