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The Mission Church

The Mission Church reaches Mormons and ex-Mormons in the least churched region of our country with the gospel-centric missional heart it shares with Converge. We exist to glorify God, strengthen believers, and reach the lost.

Ritch Sandford, with his family, moved to Utah from the Chicago suburbs in 2013 after serving as pastor of Compass Church in Naperville, IL. The stories of transformed lives since then fuel their vision to seek out, rescue and make disciples of the lost people in Utah. The Mission Church is growing and currently praying for the funds (around $60,000) to support another much needed staff member. In addition, we are currently trying to raise $100,000 of additional support to help us secure a church building in our community! We have been renting a community center for the past 2 years on Sunday morning, and are running into many limitations because of our space restrictions.  Ritch would love to see churches send people, teams, and interns who have a heart to reach Mormons to serve with them for a few days or for several months.
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Fernando E donated $0 on 6/8/2020
The Waldrons donated $1000 on 12/29/2019
Thank you for your continued love and support of our family this year.
John & Sherrie Mercuri donated $250 on 11/25/2019
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