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Nate and Robyn Ray moved their family to Utah in 2017 for a ministry residency after a season of church planting and pastoral ministry, seeking clarity from God for their next phase of life and ministry. Through the residency time, God has called them to plant a church in the Salt Lake Valley. The Gospel need in Utah is staggering, with less than 3% of the population being Christian (protestant, orthodox, and Catholic included in that number). Utah is a beautiful place to live, filled with beautiful people, but buried beneath the surface is a lot of hurt and pain. Utah is one of the nation’s leaders in plastic surgery, porn consumption, depression, and teen suicide. The burden to keep up appearances without letting people into the not-so-pretty parts of yourself is a suffocating burden, but it’s a weight many are carrying, and a fruit of the religious culture in Utah; it’s a weight that can only truly be lifted in surrender to Jesus and in community with His people. 

Draper, UT is projected to be the 2nd largest city in Utah within 15 years and sits just north of Utah county, whose population is 80% Latter Day Saint. We see an opportunity with the growth of Draper to plant a burden-lifting church that is pointing people towards Jesus and in community with His people, with dreams to see more churches planted in both Salt Lake and Utah counties.


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Love you guys! Thankful for your faithfulness to Jesus, and your friendship.
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